Quality Assurance Manager

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Quality Assurance Manager
Oxbow, SK
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Come Join Our Team As a Quality Assurance Manager!

Established in 1991, Saskarc is an industry-leading custom metal fabricator and project management company. We serve the oil and gas, power generation, mining, construction, government and petrochemical industries across North America.


The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for overseeing and managing all Saskarc systems and procedures in order to maintain compliance with: ISO: 9001, ASME, CWB and other authorizing agencies.

The successful candidate will have extensive technical knowledge in the areas of welding and metal fabrication with 3-5 years’ experience in managing teams consisting of: Systems Auditors, Quality Control Inspectors and Welding Inspectors.


  • Ensures that the quality of production meets or exceeds the applicable code or standard and client specifications.
    • Applicable codes and standards may consist of, but not be limited to: CWB, ASME, API, CISC, AWS and NACE.
  • Provides direct supervision, mentoring and training for Systems Auditors, Quality Control Inspectors and Welding Inspectors.
  • Coordinates with Project Managers and Operations Managers to ensure all project documentation is complete, accurate and submitted in a timely manner.
  • Schedules and manages third-party inspections.
  • Draft and manage Project ITP’s and SDR’s.
  • Coordinates all welding machine, equipment and tool calibrations with external parties.
  • Verifies MTR’s and maintain accurate records for the Quality Assurance of all projects.
  • Coordinates CWB and ASME documentation, reporting and audits, employee weld testing and weld procedure testing.
  • Manage Non-Conformance System. Facilitate investigations into any non-conformance of a Saskarc System/Procedures as well as Project Specific Quality Assurance.
  • Coordinate internal and external auditing of Saskarc Systems and Procedures to ensure compliance with ISO: 9001.


  • High school diploma or equivalent, with a college or university degree preferred, or an acceptable combination of education and relevant experience;
  • At least 5 years’ experience in the steel fabrication industry with 3-5 years’ experience in managing teams of more than 3 members.
  • Working knowledge of CSA W47.1 and CSA W59 Codes and Standards; General Understanding of CISC, API and ASME Codes & Standards.
  • Strong blueprint reading. Able to identify the critical dimensions on a drawing and verify and compare the as-built dimensional check to the specified drawing.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy;
  • Good knowledge of shop mathematics and trade related geometry and trigonometry; working knowledge of metric and imperial measurements.
  • Strong communication skills. Verbal, listening and reading skills are required to clarify design, components, specifications and project requirements.
  • Must be legally eligible to work in Canada.