HP915WCU-T4F Air Compressor

Free Air Delivery: 915 cfm (25.9 m³/min)
Pressure: 150 psig (10.3 bar)
The HP915 is the most innovative portable air compressor in the world and features an enclosure that has been redesigned from the ground up to further enhance productivity, reliability and safety. This hard-working, heavy-duty air compressor offers the best servicing capabilities in the industry, maximizing uptime in general construction, mining and abrasive blasting operations.

This unit boasts several other industry-leading performance enhancements:

  • Two access doors located on each side of the unit include a pneumatic lift door and a drop-down door, which provide total service access to the interior compartment. A rear panel door on the canopy simplifies heat exchanger cleaning, while rear steps provide easy access to the radiator for engine coolant refills.

  • A double-door design at the front of the air compressor protects and provides easy access to the operator control system.

  • Centralized tubing and valve system drains allow operators to easily drain fluids from the radiator and oil and fuel tanks to a central location, without having to crawl under the machine.

  • A ladder at the front of the machine provides access to the enclosure roof for exterior maintenance needs.

  • Operation is made easy and efficient with an intuitive joystick control located in the control panel, providing access to 15 operational parameters, an easy access to relevant manuals, machine maintenance schedule, and spare parts information. A Wi-Fi interface allows operators to access real-time data on laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

  • Built to excel in rugged conditions, the air compressor includes a heavy-gauge steel enclosure, heavy-duty tandem-axle running gear for easy towing, and construction-grade pedestal jack stand.

  • Available as an option is the patented IQ System® for cleaner air. This system features an onboard aftercooler with 20 degrees approach, coalescing dual filtration system and an exclusive, zero-discharge condensate removal system – all of which work together to protect compressors from contaminants to increase compressor productivity.

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