XP200WJD-T4i Air Compressor

Free Air Delivery: 200 cfm (5.6 m³/min)
Pressure: 125 psig (8.6 bar)

The new Tier 4i compliant XP200WJD-T4i portable air compressor produces 200 cfm at 125 psi, making it ideal for countless applications, including general construction, sandblasting, pneumatic tool operation and pipeline testing.

Powered by a Tier 4i-compliant John Deere engine, the XP200WJD maximizes jobsite productivity with an eight-hour runtime at 100 percent load and boasts several industry-leading performance enhancements:

  • Dependable even in extreme temperatures delivering reliable performance in conditions up to 118F.
  • Easy-to-access service points and simplified maintenance enhance machine lifetime.

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