XP375 Air Compressors

Performance features include:

  • Automatic shutdown protection with indicator lights for high discharge air temperature, low engine oil pressure, high engine coolant temperature and low fuel level
  • Electric brakes with towing lights, side markers and reflectors
  • External, single-point lifting bail for easy hoisting
  • Full-length, lockable side doors with pneumatic lift springs provide easy opening and excellent access for serviceability
  • Heavy-duty, A-frame drawbar with adjustable pintle eye and safety chains provide easy vehicle attachment and stability while towing
  • Optional onboard after-coolers and coalescing filters
  • The IQ System® – This option for the 375 cfm model includes an internal after-cooler that provides an approach temperature of 20˚F, as well as a water separator and dual particulate coalescing filters for cleaner, Instrument Quality air. This system eliminates condensate waste. Inquire today about adding this feature!

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