XP825/HP750WCU-T4F Dual Pressure/Dual Flow Air Compressor

Free Air Delivery: 825 cfm (23.4 m³/min) / 750 cfm (21.2 m³/min)
Pressure: 125 psig (8.6 bar) /150 psig (10.3 bar)
The new two-in-one XP825/HP750WCU-T4F portable air compressor delivers dual pressures with airflow ranging from 750 to 825 cfm and pressure ranging from 125 to 150 psi and is built for long-term use and provides maximum productivity. The variable settings of the XP825/HP750 are ideal for a wide range of applications that require day-to-day versatility, including general construction, road and bridge work, and pipeline pressure testing.
Powered by a Cummins QSB Tier 4 Final–compliant engine. Engineered with diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR), the emissions system is virtually maintenance-free with no regeneration cycles. This unit boasts several other industry-leading performance enhancements:

  • The airend offers a highly efficient rotor profile that requires less horsepower to deliver high-volume cfm output. The result is improved fuel economy.

  • Lower fuel consumption is also achieved with the installation of a thermostatically controlled engine-driven cooling fan with a hydraulic clutch that only engages when required by higher operating temperatures resulting in noise reduction.

  • A 102-gallon fuel tank delivers nine hours of reliable runtime.

  • Redesigned control panel with simplified digital display and LED backlit gauges.

  • The exterior of the XP825/HP750 features a corrosion-resistant, galvannealed steel enclosure for an extended machine lifespan, one of the industry’s largest access doors for ease of service, and a cool-box design that helps keep internal temperatures low. A heavy-duty A-frame detachable drawbar with multiple brake configurations increases towing stability while dual-axle running gear, fenders and lights ensure each unit is road-ready.

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