Saskarc’s Eco-Chamber tanks provide an environmentally friendly and efficient way to contain flammable or combustible liquids. The Eco-Chamber is a high volume diesel storage tank which can hold up to 25,000 litres of liquid and meets all relevant codes and safety considerations. The Eco-Chamber’s double walled high grade steel exterior is highly durable and the paint finish provides superior protection from extreme weather conditions and corrosion. The Eco-Chamber is the premium solution for stationary fuel containment and storage.

Additional Advantages:

  • 100% secondary integral containment.
  • ¾ hp high-flow pump.
  • LED safety lighting.
  • Arctic Hose (operates in -40C).
  • Bottom fill system for easy accessibility.
  • Bollard protection.
  • Emergency pressure surge vent.
  • Heavy-duty lifting lugs for off-loading and positioning ease.
  • Heavy-duty I-beam skid assembly.
  • Overfill prevention devices.
  • Anti-siphon prevention.
  • Easily accessible and visible tank gauges.
  • Submersible turbine mounting support.
  • Large mouth spill box with fill, gauge, and drain openings with a lockable weatherproof cover.
  • Fluid transfer and metering equipment.
  • Ladder systems.
  • Standard wide saddles.
  • Interstitial space inspection port to help identify any possible fluid release.
  • CAN/ULC – S601-07 Compliant.

Aside from all the advantages mentioned above, the bulk fuel discounts you can receive from purchasing larger volumes of fuel can pay for your monthly rental fee almost entirely! Refill less while saving more!

Saskarc serves all regions throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba with 24/7 service and fast shipping of fuel transport and storage systems. Overnight shipping available to many locations.


Flexible purchasing options include leasing, rental purchases, rent buy-outs, rentals and standard purchases.

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