Magnaheat HI 400HD

The MagnaHeat HI 400HD models are versatile heavy duty air heaters that bring efficient heat to various work spaces. Indirect fired air heaters produce clean, dry, healthy heat offering an ideal environment for a variety of construction, residential and restoration applications without the use of an open flame, combustion by-products or moisture.

Additional Advantages:

  • Dedicated 2nd blower for combustion enables units to run at 85% efficiency, one of the highest in the industry.
  • Available in diesel or natural gas/propane.
  • Diesel model features 2 stage burner with optional setting for fuel savings during low heat demand.
  • Adjustable ball valve on natural gas model allows user flexibility to switch from natural gas to propane with ease.
  • Includes safety locking device to keep valve from moving once set.
  • Burner head and gas pipe assembly are made from 100% stainless steel for long life.
  • Robust design features heavy duty package with lifting bail, fork pockets and adjustable handle.
  • Larger pneumatic tires make this unit portable and easy to position around the job site.
  • Machines come standard with -40 °F cold weather kit.
  • Supply air adapters are available in 20″, 16″ and 12″ sizes and are designed to be easily interchangeable.
  • Optional return air adapter allows adjustable recirculation of warm inside air, resulting in fuel savings and even temperatures.
  • Machines are CSA approved.
  • This heater qualifies for Free Freight, a limited time promotional offer!

The ability to save time and money year round has become a reality with Saskarc’s ground heaters. Saskarc’s heater systems are very versatile, allowing effective heating in otherwise difficult situations.

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