The well vented, weather-tight secondary containment facility is 110% fluid contained, providing absolute environmental protection.

Additional Advantages:

  • Baffles inside the inner tank prevents fuel surges during transport as well as preventing unstable and dangerous loads.
  • Four corner brackets and fork lift pockets provide secure, strong and reliable tie down points for loading transportation.
  • Corner brackets also allow for stacking which increases usable space and allows for efficient logistics.
  • Comes in many sizes and configurations from 110 gallon/500 liters to 1,241 gallon/4,700 liters. 110 gallon/500 liters to 790 gallon/3,000 liters
  • Units are trailer mountable making for a fully mobile refuel unit with locking lids.
  • Available for Gasoline, Diesel, Avgas, etc.
  • This double wall fuel containment/transport unit is certified for fuel transport under Transport Canada and DOT regulations. It is also ULC approved for fuel storage.
  • Compatible with all equipment from Saskarc.

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