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Saskarc introduces Smart Solutions! These are industry relevant topics brought to you by our equipment experts and experts worldwide. Need help properly shutting down your equipment or are you finding that your equipment doesn’t quite operate at its max potential?

We can help you uncover problems that are sometimes overlooked or provide insightful advice that will save you time and money.

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Seasonal Maintenance | Smart Solution

Saskarc recommends all equipment owners or operators implement routine seasonal maintenance for equipment longevity and most economic performance. We have... Continue reading →

STARS presents plaque to Saskarc

STARS recognizes Saskarc Community Service

STARS came to Oxbow Oct 8th, 2014 for a community BBQ and at the event Trevor Mitchell, STARS Base Director,... Continue reading →


Saskarc hosts booth at Oil Sands tradeshow in Fort McMurray

Saskarc Equipment Group attended the Oil Sands Tradeshow on September 9th & 10th in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The tradeshow was... Continue reading →


$1000 Saskarc donation to support Oxbow Health Care

Saskarc donated $1000 last month to support Oxbow Auxiliary Health Care. The donation will fund a new recreational  pad that... Continue reading →

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Reduce Condensation in Air Compressors with Air Dryers | Smart Solution

    What is an Air Dryer? A compressed air dryer is a device for removing water vapor from compressed... Continue reading →

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Pump Cavitation Resulting in Poor Pumping Performance | Smart Solution

    What is Cavitation? Cavitation is the formation of vapour cavities in a liquid as a result of forces... Continue reading →

Saskarc donates $10,000 to South Sask. Flood Aid

Saskarc donated a total of $10,000 to the South Saskatchewan Flood Aid on July 23 in support of the communities... Continue reading →

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Tips to Avoid Workplace Falls | Smart Solution

    Know What to Look For A common concern for employers and employees in every industry is how to... Continue reading →


Large modules shipped to PCS Rocanville Potash Mine

A few minutes after 6:00am Tuesday morning (the 24th June) Saskarc began shipping a total of 11 structural steel modules... Continue reading →


Saskarc showcases rental equipment and new products at Estevan Energy Expo

On June 12th-13th, Saskarc Equipment Group attended the Energy Expo in Estevan, Saskatchewan. The tradeshow served as a great networking... Continue reading →