Project Management

Saksarc Image. Project management and construction

Project Management and Construction

More than just a modular fabrication facility, Saskarc has established itself as a trusted Project Management company, whose team has an invaluable combination of knowledge, experience, energy, friendliness and commitment. Saskarc has established a reputation in this area and brings value to the table that not many companies can.

When Saskarc teams up with long-standing pre-approved specialists, considered more as partners, it can all be done…from custom fabrication and assembly to piping, electrical, insulation and cladding, modularization, mechanical equipment and more.

For the client, fewer resources will be consumed managing details, fewer contracts will have to be negotiated and managed, fewer parts transported. Instead, your resources can be dedicated to pursuing other projects and completing your goals.

The Saskarc Advantage

Everyone knows that working in the field is expensive, risky, time-consuming, and schedule unfriendly.

While fieldwork is a necessity, Saskarc has the ability and space to take much of that work off-site and put it in a much more controlled environment with our construction project management skills.

There are many factors that make fieldwork very impractical where it is not absolutely necessary. These are just a few:

  • Scaffolding rental, set up and tear down
  • Rental costs, wear and tear and handling of mobile offices, amenities,
  • generators, light towers, lifts, cranes etc.
  • Weather (wind, rain, snow, intense heat, darkness)
  • Crane costs and availability
  • Double handling is a huge cost and time waster.
  • Schedule delays are almost inevitable in the field.
  • Fit up issues can create massive handling, disassembly and rework costs in the field.


What does all this mean?

Take advantage of Saskarc’s experience and capabilities to increase your profits, significantly reduce your risk, firm up your schedule and reduce stress from so many different problems.

  • Drastically reduce the need for rental and coordination of equipment, facilities and cranes.
  • Reduce the number of coordination issues, downtime and delays due to the availability of cranes and equipment.
  • Stop worrying about the weather; it is no longer a problem!
  • Reduce fit-up issues on site. These are expensive, difficult and tie up cranes and impact schedule.
  • Free up labour to be available for other scopes of the project that must be done on site.
  • Save huge costs on double handing.
  • Just in time deliveries: Saskarc’s Project Managers can work with the most time-sensitive schedule to have equipment delivered right to the spot, to the minute, right to the crane hook. Equipment can be staged in Saskarc’s 14-acre yard and shipped as needed.
  • Reduce risk, stress and responsibility. Reduce your number of contracts, increase your sales by freeing up resources.