Salem Harbor Generating Station

The Client

The Salem Harbour Station located 30km from Boston, Massachusetts, was being converted into a combined cycle power plant from its original design which brought power to many since its original development back 1951. The overhaul to the new natural gas-fired plant would serve as a considerable upgrade to the growing demand for power in the area reaching approximately 674MW once completed.

The Challenge

Saskarc was contracted to supply (2) Carbon Steel 230’ tall x 20’ Diameter Chimney Liners, (2) Breech Ducts and (1) Boiler Flue for the Salem Harbor Generating Station in Salem, MA.

The Results

  1. The chimney liners were shipped in sections that were just under 10’ tall and approximately 18’ long making approximately 138 sections per Chimney Liner. Each section was perimeter cut and then rolled to size, fit into a custom jig to hold its shape while the backer bars and support structure was fit/welded. Then each section was blasted and painted on the interior and exterior prior to Saskarc loading and transporting over 2000 miles to site.
  2. The (2) breech ducts were fully fabricated, test fit, blasted/painted in our shops and then shipped to site by Saskarc in two large 11’-2”H x 12’-10”W x 34’-2”L sections/ea…. total of four pieces.
  3. The (1) Boiler Flue was fabricated out of rolled plate, blasted/painted on the interior and exterior in our shops as well as insulated and clad and then shipped to site by Saskarc in sections.
  4. Project total weight was 250 tons.



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