Absorber Covers and Ductwork Fabrication


The Challenge

This project included engineering/design, procurement of materials, ductwork fabrication and access steel welding (platforms, rails and ladders), blasting and painting of all carbon steel stiffeners and shipping of the ESP modules to site. Project was assembled into modules and shipped in (6) segments:

  • Rectangular 90° Duct
  • CO2 Absorber Hood (Bottom)
  • CO2 Absorber Hood (Top)
  • S02 Absorber Hood
  • S02 Vertical Round Duct with Trouser
  • S02 Horizontal Elbow Duct

The Solution

  • Engineered and designed solutions for critical factors including thermal expansion – two different types of material joined together (Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel) – shell buckling, wind loads, plate density, allowable stress limits, snow loads, seismic loads, design pressure and transient loading. This project was a very complex engineering design utilizing numerous building, criteria and codes all of which were required to complete the final approval.
  • ThResearch and development for acceptable cleaning of stainless steel without the use of acidic pickling solutions.
  • Glass bead blasting and passivation of all internal duct surfaces.
  • Maintaining critical fabrication dimensions to match field installation as built dimensions.
  • Controlling heat and welding distortion to prevent deflection and tight fit up tolerances for flange faces and bolted connections.

This absorber cover and ductwork fabrication project is proof of Saskarc’s high level of technical expertise and ability to implement challenging engineering solutions.