Syncrude ESP Electrostatic Rebuild

The Client

Syncrude is one of the largest producers of crude oil from Canada’s oil sands. Operating a large oil sand mine, utilities plant, bitumen extraction plant and upgrading facility that processes bitumen and produces value-added light, sweet crude oil for domestic consumption and export.


The Challenge

Syncrude came to Saskarc looking for professional fabrication for the oil sands.

  • Supply, fabricate and assemble modularized components and panels for electrostatic precipitators.
  • Install transformers, fans and ducting on the roof.
  • Install insulation and cladding on all ESP outer walls staying 12 inches back from all field weld connections.
  • Client requested insulation and cladding in order to reduce site work to a minimum.
  • The client required the pieces to be shipped intact but at 25′ width they were too large to ship conventionally on a flat-bed.

The Solution

  • Saskarc had to develop new WPDS welding procedures for track mounted automated welding units to achieve 100% complete joint penetration on all plate butt welds. All joints had to be seal welded on the outside and inside. All welds had to pass 100% liquid dye penetrant testing.
  • Set up and align track for automated welders. Welders also had to be calibrated accurately to do automatic stitch welding of all stiffener beams to duct plate.
  • Saskarc worked very closely with the client’s engineer and the freight firm to come up with a resolution to the problem. The idea was to engineer shipping frames which were then fabricated by Saskarc. The final shipping design was to tip the over width pieces up at an angle with the result that the overall shipping width became less than 24 ft.

The Results

The precipitator was fabricated as a replacement part for emission control at the Northern Alberta Oilsands Plant. In total the project required 28,000 hours of design and fabrication time and was delivered without incident. Look to Saskarc for professional fabrication for the oil sands.