Electrostatic Precipitator Assembly

The Client

AMEC is a focused supplier of consultancy, engineering and project management services to its customers in the world’s oil and gas, mining, clean energy, environment and infrastructure markets. The end-user for this project was PotashCorp. AMEC came to Saskarc with an electrostatic precipitator assembly project of significant scale.


The Challenge

  • This modularization contract included shipping and receiving of the materials from engineer/fabricator, engineering design and supply of temporary shipping bracing and lifting lugs, fabrication of the ESP modules, supply and installation of insulation and cladding, painting and shipping of the ESP modules to site:

The ESPs shall be fabricated and shipped in six (6) modules:

  • Hoppers
  • Casing (including perforated plates)
  • Inlet Plenum
  • Outlet Plenum
  • Hot Roof
  • Penthouse

The Solution

  • Extremely large modules; required extensive design and installation of shipping and hoisting bracing and lugs.
  • The engineering specification from the ESP designer allowed for the use of stitch welding with a high temperature RTV sealant, but the client’s specification required that all welds were to be 100% seal welded. To address the we developed a procedure to completely remove all of the RTV sealant and apply seal welds in place of the sealant.

The Results

AMEC and end-user PotashCorp were pleased to see the successful resolution to this significant electrostatic precipitator assembly project.