Headframe Expansion Fabrication and Modularization

The Project:

In August 2013, PotashCorp (PCS) contracted Saskarc Industries Inc. (Saskarc) to supply, fabricate, and modularize 1136 tons of structural steel and plate work for the #2 Headframe Expansion project.

Saskarc’s base scope was to perform connection design, detailing, supply, fabrication and painting of structural steel and platework. As additional scope, in order to reduce site work, Saskarc pre-assembled the structural steel into 11 modules and also fully assembled the two large ore bins and chutes.

The Highlights:

  • Installation of Crodon+ liner plates in the ore bins and chutes.
  • The original design of the structural steel was for the head frame steel to be assembled into five 50’ tall modules and one 29’ tall module onsite and lifted with a strand jack system into place.
  • In order to accommodate the shop assembly option, Saskarc worked closely with PCS’s engineer to redesign the column splice locations to split the taller modules in half. This allowed for transportation to site, within the 32’ height restriction due to a high voltage power line which could not be lifted or cut, where they were assembled back into the full height modules with a mobile crane.
  • Saskarc had to work very closely with the freight company and the power utility, SaskPower, to coordinate the transportation of the oversized loads including the design of custom cradles for each module to minimize loaded height and the modules still required a significant quantity of power line lifts and cuts.

The result:

Assembling the modules offsite took a lot of risk out of the project considering that otherwise, if performed onsite, the work would have happened outdoors during winter months. Saskarc was able to utilize one of their large shops, which has a 50’ wide by 40’ tall door, to complete all of the module assembly indoors in a safer, more efficient controlled environment.

Saskarc’s project management team worked closely as a team with PCS and their engineer to ensure the successful completion of this project, while maintaining the highest level of safety and quality and providing on time delivery.