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Certifications & Safety

As a large-scale steel fabricator, Saskarc’s number one priority is safety. It is our core value and is the cornerstone of everything we do. Our goal is to have an incident and injury-free workplace. The training and certifications our team holds guarantee our strict adherence to safety standards in the industry and show our dedication to top quality workmanship, professional customer service, and on-time delivery without ever compromising safety.

Safety Certifications

As an industrial metal fabricator, safety is at the center of what we do. The certifications below guarantee our strict adherence to safety standards:

CWB Quality Mark

Quality Certification
QualityMark Program: The QualityMark program, administered by the CWB Office of Public Safety, represents Saskarc’s dedication to the Canadian welding industry and the quality of work performed daily by our workers on our many projects. This CWB program emphasizes industrial metal fabricators and participating companies’ commitment to public safety.

Through Lean and 5/S systems and initiatives, the cleanliness and organization of our facility is guaranteed to impress. Our goal is to maintain the cleanest, safest fabrication shop in the industry. Saskarc’s efforts are clearly appreciated in view of client’s reactions when they visit.

Saskarc’s safety record is also a direct reflection of these initiatives, safety training and continuous improvement. Each year Saskarc is awarded by the Workers Compensation Board for our exemplary safety record.

Saskarc has demonstrated high-quality jobs centered on safety which makes us a trusted industrial metal fabricator. Learn more about what our customers have to say about us.