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SaskPower Flue Gas Casing


Estevan, SK


Structural Steel Fabrication


$2-4.9 M


300 Tons

Saskarc Modular Fabrication for Carbon Capture Project

In July 2012, SaskPower contracted Saskarc Inc. to fabricate the Flue Gas Cooler Casing, Inlet and Outlet Ducts for the Carbon Capture Project at Boundary Dam in Estevan, SK.

The scope of work was detailing, supply, fabrication, modularization, transportation design and transportation of the ducts to site.

  •  The sheer size of the components was impressive:
    • Inlet Duct: 32’x33’x42’ x 120,000lbs (34′-6″ loaded height)
    • Outlet Duct: 39’x33’x42’ x 120,000lbs
    • Casing: 20’x42’x50’ x 172,000lbs
  • Saskarc’s ability to perform this work in a controlled environment and ship modules of this size saved the client substantial money, improved the construction schedule and reduced laydown area and congestion on site.
  • Pre-assembly of the ducts in Saskarc’s yard was performed to ensure there would not be fit-up issues in the field.
  • Internal areas in the ducts required ceramic coatings on site and required substantial grinding and polishing in preparation for this.
  • To bypass the city of Estevan, a coal hauling road was used which had high voltage overhead transmissions lines which could not be lifted or cut. The client had the road excavated and lowered 6’ to achieve the necessary clearance for the tallest load.

The size of these components provided some challenges, however, the project went very well and the client greatly benefited from Saskarc’s ability to ship these substantial modules. Saskarc maintained the highest level of quality and safety and successfully delivered this project on schedule, while greatly reducing the amount of work on the construction site.