We take work off-site into a controlled environment to reduce schedule, cost and risk.

With nearly 30 years as a leading fabrication company, Saskarc specializes in large-scale custom steel fabrication projects, serving customers throughout North America with a primary focus on Western Canada.

Modularization and ECI

Modularization in Fabrication Benefits Our Customers

You’ve got a challenge, we’ve got solutions! To help improve the outcome of large-scale and more complex projects, modular fabrication is an increasingly smarter strategy. Saskarc is able to support our clients at the early design phase where practical to assist in developing a modularization strategy for their unique project requirements. By doing so, this gives our clients more certainty on cost and schedule and reduces risk by eliminating some of the less controllable conditions associated with on-site, outdoor construction.

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Client Challenges

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Saskarc Solution

Need for equipment, facilities and crane rentals. Our facilities are well equipped for housing large projects simultaneously.
Coordination of equipment, cranes, & contracts causing delays due to lack of availability. Our In-house crane availability, equipment and scheduling software work to your advantage.
Weather (wind, rain, snow, intense heat, daylight) Working indoors eliminates unpredictable weather conditions.
Fit-up issues on site resulting in double handling, disassembly and rework costs. We can ensure test-fits are performed and perfected at our facilities.
Schedule delays due to productivity issues or lack of storage. Our Project Managers work with the most sensitive schedules and work to provide JIT delivery so equipment is delivered to the right location, on time. Equipment can be staged and shipped as needed.
Project deadline and tight budget. We provide cost and schedule certainty.
Risk, stress and responsibility associated with managing numerous contracts and oordinating many scopes. Our team, combined with pre-approved specialists, has a wealth of experience and knowledge. We will gladly take on the risk and responsibility, freeing up your resources!

Value-Added Modularization Fabrication Services

As part of our modularizationn capabilities, Saskarc also offers several value-added services such as insulation and cladding, electrical and instrumentation, mechanical, piping and others. Trust us to manage numerous scopes of work and minimize the number of contracts that our clients need to administer so they can free up their resources.