Optimizing synergies between our people, processes and technology.

Our strict attention to the pre-project design and planning, cost-effective material procurement and world-class robotic equipment ensures that we deliver the highest quality projects at competitive pricing.

Superior Fabrication Solutions that Maximize Value

Saskarc analyzes every project to define the critical requirements that maximize value. We continuously invest in our people, systems and work environment, technology and software to provide our customers with the best service, support, and innovative fabrication approach and solutions to meet their requirements. Our strict attention to the pre-project design and planning, cost-effective material procurement and world-class robotic equipment ensures that we deliver the highest quality projects at competitive pricing.

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Early Contractor Involvement

Saskarc encourages clients to engage with all key stakeholders early in the project lifecycle so that the traditional barriers between silos are removed and all aspects of the project can be evaluated and compared resulting in a plan that delivers lowest total installed costs with the least amount of risk. This could include anything from optimizing connection design for robotic fabrication to establishing maximum modular potential, including transportable and logistics.


Saskarc has engineering resource and expertise to provide services from constructability at the conceptual design stage through to final design of structures, lifting plans and transportation. Our clients have found significant value in engaging Saskarc to leverage our fabrication knowledge and optimize the design to take advantage of the benefits of industry leading automation.

Advanced Supply Chain

For 30 years, we’ve developed partnerships with qualified suppliers and subcontractors, enabling us to deliver top quality results, on schedule, at competitive prices. Through our network, Saskarc often takes the role of a Project Management company to minimize the number of contracts that our clients need to administer so they can free up their resources.

Fabrication and Erection

We offer fabrication and erection solutions, including structural, platework and modular fabrication services as well as delivery to site. From complex industrial structures such as powerplants, mining and oil and gas facilities to commercial buildings such as high rises, stadiums and convention centers, Saskarc is highly qualified to complete a wide range of structural projects.

Efficiency Through Automation

We’ve invested in state-of-the-art technology and equipment which results in world class efficiency through fully robotic steel beam fabrication and other automated processes. This allows us to offer our customer benefits such as reduced lead times, highest quality and accuracy available in the market, and competitive pricing.

Intelligent Modelling and Fabrication Management

Saskarc uses the latest in technology for 3D modelling and managing the entire project lifecycle. From conceptualization at the bid stage and model-based estimates, to paperless shop drawing management and real-time, visualized reporting, our process is accurate, efficient, and reduces the margin for error each step of the way.

Culture of Safety & Quality

We believe in a culture that fosters continuous improvement of our people, systems and work environment for best outcomes. We invest in our people with training and development, proven processes, and a culture of continuous improvement. We ensure our work environment is systematic, clean, organized and safe to ensure high quality outcomes.

Transportation and Logistics

We have decades of experience providing turnkey management of transportation of all types of steel projects. We’ve paired with the best transportation partners who specialize in logistics and are capable of delivering large projects anywhere in North America. When it comes to modularization, Saskarc has managed the transportation of some of the heaviest and largest modules that can be transported by road.

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Saskarc’s fabrication approach is performed in fabrication, modularization and industrial finishing of:

  • Commercial Projects: High Rises, Convention Centers, Stadiums, Airports, Hospitals, Schools, etc.
  • Industrial Projects: Mines, Oil and Gas Facilities, Powerplants, Steel Mills, Food Processing Plants
  • Civil/Infrastructure Construction Projects: Hydro Dams, Tunnels, Water Treatment Plants, Pipeline Infrastructure, Bridge

Saskarc’s fabrication approach is focussed on the following industries: Petro Chemical, Oil & Gas, Refineries, Oilsands, Mining, Power Generation and Food Processing

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Fabrication approach through transportation of metal & steel structures