Strengthened by our past. Adapting in the present. Investing in the future.

Saskarc has nearly 30 years’ experience fabricating, managing and delivering structural steel projects for a variety of industrial and commercial customers throughout North America.

Structural Steel Fabrication

We have invested significantly in modern software, fully robotic fitting and welding equipment and other facility upgrades and expansion to cover all aspects of structural steel fabrication. This state-of-the-art equipment combined with decades of experience, positions Saskarc as a valuable partner providing industry leading efficiency and superior quality.

Saskarc's structural steel fabrication shop at Oxbow, SK Take a look at our fabrication facilities

Structural Steel Benefits

These integrated systems position Saskarc to respond to a wide variety of fabrication requirements and enable us to better serve our customers with advanced capabilities that translate into measurable project benefits.

Competitive structural fabrication pricing

Industry leading efficiency = more competitive pricing

Ideal lead time for structural fabrication

Increased volume/capacity = better lead time

Highest quality of steel fabrication

Highest accuracy of fabrication = most efficient erection time

Fabricator work satisfaction

Most consistent quality = fewer rework/back charges and increased morale in the field