Reducing Risk For Steel Construction Projects

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Large-scale capital construction projects are a major undertaking. Saskarc has extensive experience in large-scale modular steel fabrication. Modularization involves taking work off-site into a controlled environment and is a proven risk management strategy in construction because it provides more cost and schedule certainty for customers. Moving a large-scale industrial construction project into one of our modular offsite construction (MOC) facilities or custom-fabricated modules eliminates some of the less controllable conditions associated with on-site, outdoor construction. Benefits of modular construction include increased safety for workers, higher productivity, reduced construction times, and lower costs.

Integrated Project Delivery

Through our integrated project delivery systems, Saskarc supports our customers in the early design stages by assisting in developing and implementing a modularization plan for their unique project. Early involvement construction utilizes a design build model to anticipate risks in construction projects and troubleshoot before installation and erection begin.
Modular fabrication offers the option of addressing risks proactively by using Saskarc’s impressive modular fabrication facilities for prefabrication and preassembly. Our facilities are well equipped to house complex construction projects simultaneously, and our in-house crane availability, industrial equipment, and scheduling software allow us to meet any need that arises. Test fits performed and perfected at our MOC facilities ensure that complex structural steel projects will prove successful when transported back on site. Our MOC steel fabrication capabilities also extend into several value-added services, such as insulation, cladding, electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, piping, and more.
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