K3 Expansion Mining Project


Esterhazy, SK


Custom Fabrication


$1-1.9 M


130 Tons

Custom Fabrication Project for Mosaic

K3 Expansion Loading Pocket Flasks, Discharge Chutes and Diverter Gate Mining Project

In January 2017, Hatch Ltd. contracted Saskarc on behalf of Mosaic to fabricate two loading pocket flasks with discharge chutes, as well as a diverter gate with housing for their Esterhazy K3 Mine expansion project.

The overall underground assembly was 14’ long x 14’ wide x 75’ tall, weighing in at 50 tonnes, and shipped in more than 10 sub-assemblies.

This project included a full shop test-fit to ensure fit-up, as well as a functional test to prove door and gate operation performed as designed, since the project’s lower flask/door assembly and diverter gate assembly had a variety of mechanical components.

During the project execution, Saskarc’s scope was expanded to include the design, supply and installation of an operational lubrication system for the project.

Saskarc’s scope included:

  • Shop detailing
  • Lifting design
  • Material supply, including liner plates, fabrication, and full test-fit of each assembly to each other to ensure that there were no fit-up issues on-site
  • Blasting and painting
  • Design, supply and install of lubrication system
  • Mechanical functional test
  • Delivery to site.

This project was a new design that had not previously been used or tested. This meant that Saskarc had to perform a full functionality test to ensure the components would work, as well as perform minor modifications insitu to ensure the operability of equipment during full commercial operation.

Due to the client’s project schedule and budget, halfway through, Saskarc was asked to stall the project for +/- 6 months, and then resume. This led to challenges of staging and then resuming a partially-completed project.

Through regular communication between Saskarc’s team and the client team, the project went well and was delivered to site on time to meet the expansion project’s schedule.