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With over 30 years of experience, Saskarc provides high-quality structural steel fabrication for industrial, commercial, and civil projects with a strong focus on the oil and gas industry.  Our advanced integrated systems enable us to cover all aspects of structural steel production, taking on even the most complex steel fabrication projects.

Saskarc’s investment in modern software, fully robotic fitting and welding equipment, and spacious facilities help us attain efficiency through automation. We are the only fabricator in Western Canada with full-scale robotic fitting and welding capabilities for structural steel.

Our structural steel specializations include steel galvanization, steel coatings, and custom steel finishes. We also have the ability to facilitate the innovative new SpeedCore construction, using composite structural steel framing in prefabricated shear concrete walls instead of traditional cast-in-place concrete core construction.

Decades of experience combined with world-class equipment equip Saskarc to offer customers shortened lead times, the highest quality and accuracy on the market, and competitive pricing.

Excellence Through
Fabrication Automation

In line with our desire to achieve efficiency and excellence through automation, Saskarc has created our own robotic process we call Fastarc. Fastarc is an investment, not just in robotic technology, but also in our people, equipment, and facilities to provide our customers with the best service, support, and innovative solutions to meet their requirements.

Benefits of the Fastarc structural steel robotic fabrication include:

  • Increased productivity and output,
  • Less time needed to complete work,
  • Shorter lead times to complete multiple projects simultaneously,
  • Speeds up the fitting and welding of structural steel,
  • Increased safety for workers,
  • Enhanced skillset,
  • Improved quality of work produced making installation/erection faster/easier, and
  • Less rework in the field.

Our innovation through automation makes us one of the most reliable steel fabricators in North America.

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